Crazy Cold World

We live in a Crazy Cold World.

Crazy Cold World
Photo Manupulation
I was up around 2am working on a logo when my creative juices for that started to fade; so I decided to work on my photo manipulation skills. I had this picture of a boardwalk in my stock photos folder not sure who the photographer is but its a nice picture. I then went into my other stock photos and found a monkey who looked like he was freezing then the creative juices started to flow. As you can see I've added random crazy elements in the the background below you'll find out the meaning.

We live in a crazy cold world where the thrill of life's ride has broke down, sharks are out for blood, people see you in pain but stand in the background and watch for your fall. When the sun is posed to be shining the moon is out. But there is hope, a stairway to heaven awaits (Jesus) you just have to to be willing to take the journey.
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