Guerrilla Party
guer·ril·la or gue·ril·la: underground fighter, member of the underground or resistance.I belong to no political party. I listen to each candidate and try to learn as much about them and what their plans are. I usually agree with very little of them or what they stand for. I do know whatever plan they have will affect me in some type of way so that is why I vote. Its hard to take man for their word  because we are forever changing as we go through life. Our convictions change, we grow in knowledge and in many other ways, so that is why my hope is in Jesus. I pray for our government officials even if I don’t like them, I hope they hear the voice of the Lord and it moves their heart so they would make the best decesions. 

If there was a political party for me mine would be the Guerrilla Party. guer·ril·la orgue·ril·la: underground fighter, member of the underground or resistance. In this world people believe its ok to lie, cheat, steal, kill all and all other craziness for self-gain. Politicians make outrages laws and some hold little to no morals. So when I’m pushed to accept those things as the norm I resist and fight for what I believe is right. That is what the Guerrilla Party stands for.

-Terrell Thompson

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